Heartful Children's Foundation

414 El Paseo Rd
San Pedro, Ca 90731

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Who We Are:

Heartful Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We are a group of dedicated people who are determined to touch the lives of children’s with cancer through the healing power of art. Our emphasis is doing creating mind stimulating art with children in the hospitals and helping parents to do artwork with children once they leave the hospital.
After 4 years of treatment Rafael is now cancer free going to 4th grade. thank you Miller Children's Hospital   

About US

Mission Statement:

We like to help children with cancer through art and bring joy to their lives

What We Do:
We like to bring joy to the children through various art activities and adjust our work to their abilities. We like to inspire and tap into their creativeness which is present in every child.

  • We go weekly to Children's Hospitals and do art and crafts with the patients in the playroom, for inpatients and Infusion Center for outpatients as well as occasional bedside work.

  • We highlight the work of patients by entering their
    work in art shows and individual art presentations  

  • Create individual art books from the work of patients 
    to encourage them to continue to do art after 
    ​leaving the hospital

  • Create books of patient’s work that could
    benefit Patients and other children

  • Creating Coloring books                                               

  • Create instructional videos to be used
    in the hospitals and schools

  • Keeping in touch with patients families who have 
    asked us to be in contact with to help them excel 
    in their art at school.

  • Special occasion work