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We go weekly to Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach and do art and crafts with the patients in the playroom, for inpatients and Infusion Center for outpatients as well as occasional bedside work. While there are various toys, video games etc in the playroom, in the infusion center the children get treatment in regular patient's room. There is a great need for volunteers in this section.

The patients is to show their artwork at art shows. Often children like to take their artwork which they create at playroom, to their rooms or take them home. Sometimes they allow us to share their work with the public. Here are paintings of the patients shown in the solo art show in May of 2014 at Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach. We also participated in a group show at the hospital in September 2014.

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  • We would be glad to post the picture of the artwork of the children in our galley if they are sent to us!