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our projects

Reusable bedside box

currently we are working to create a reusable bedside box with magnetic parts. We offer the children a background such as space, farmhouse, Africa, lakeside and ocean, geometrical and provide the children with magnetic component that they can create their own collages. Once finished we run the collage through the printer and have the child sign it as an original artwork. We have to create hundreds of individual images which are taking time.

Sticker to create collages

This project is spin off of the reusable bedside box. Once images are ready, we will try to have them manufactured as stickers. Providing various backgrounds would allow the children to create their own art pieces.

Painting with magnet

Recently in the playroom we used 2 magnets, one holing it under the table, the other one placing it on a sheet of paper with some tempora paint. As we moved the magnet under the table where the sheet was located, the one above the table marginally start to move and smeared the paint creating a free form of painting. This was so well received that we are thinking to find proper magnets that we can use on ongoing basis.